Musica Chiesa wins “Best Instrumental Performance” at the 33rd Awit Awards

Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM) chamber orchestra Musica Chiesa shone brightly at the 33rd Awit Awards, garnering “Best Instrumental Performance” for its splendid rendition of “Paghahandog ng Sarili”.

For longtime member Silke Hipolito, the ‘pleasant surprise’ was met with much gratitude by the entire ensemble- a resounding testament to the very heart of their musical vocation.

“Musica Chiesa is our ministry. We are thankful for the opportunity to make music, to serve, and to share our work with people here in the Philippines, and hopefully to the rest of the world. We are grateful and blessed beyond measure. It motivates us, even more, to continue doing the ministry we do.”

Creatively interpreting “Paghahandog ng Sarili” proved to be a grand success, as Hipolito seamlessly combined her talents with that of fellow arrangers Mike Bulaong, Carlo Tuazon and Teta Dionisio, resulting to a unique take on Fr.Eduardo Hontiveros’ modern classic.

“What probably made this arrangement different is that we reimagined Fr.Honti’s “Paghahandog ng Sarili” to be played by a chamber orchestra. The lush strings probably added a sort of lift and grandeur to an already beautiful piece of music,” Hipolito explained.

Making “Paghahandog ng Sarili” a truly unforgettable feat, was its debut performance and ‘Alay kay San Ignacio’ album launch, coincided during the momentous Ginintuan concert just a year ago- cementing Musica Chiesa’s place as a distinguished contributor to the proud tradition of Jesuit music.  

“I think this was the fastest we’ve ever had to produce an album, from the brainstorming for a theme, to deciding the song line-up, to arranging the music, to the actual recording, mastering and reproducing the CD’s,” recalled Hipolito.

“What made this album extra special was, its launch coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Jesuit Music Ministry in the Philippines. We first performed our arrangement of “Paghahandog ng Sarili” at the Ginintuan concert last July 13, 2019. It was such a blessing to be part of this celebration, to be celebrating with the entire Jesuit Community in the Philippines.”

With Musica Chiesa bringing home this prestigious honor it undoubtedly deserves, Hipolito expressed the chamber ensemble’s heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming support that continues to give to their harmonious sound.

“Musica Chiesa would like to express our gratitude to Awit Awards and PARI (Philippine Association of the Record Industry) for this recognition. We would like to thank JesCom and Jesuit Music Ministry for being our home for the past 12 years. Being a part of this family has enabled us to widen the reach of our ministry.”

“To all our listeners for choosing us to be your prayer companions, for taking us with you through your journey of faith; for celebrating with us every Lent, Easter, Christmas, Wedding, etc, we are truly honored to share our music with you. We will continue to make music, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,” she delightfully exclaimed.

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