20 Years of Pasakalye

Early Sunday mornings on Radyo Veritas 846 have long carried the familiar tune of inspiring reflections and classic Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM) melodies at daybreak.

For 20 years now, the Philippine Catholic Church flagship station block-timer Pasakalye has brought hope and inspiration closer to the faithful, with soulful music accompanying JesCom Executive Director Fr.Nono Alfonso’s heartening sermons.

Heard from far up north as Vigan to way down south in Surigao over local partner stations, JesCom’s longest-running radio production continues its beloved sound of prayer, stories and song, through thick and thin- even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Recently celebrating its second decade on the airwaves last June 2020, “Pasakalye’s” remarkable longevity is a testament to the loyalty of its cherished listeners and the dedication of the hard-working people behind its success.

“I was a fresh graduate from college back in 2000. Since I didn’t have much experience and knowledge in digital recording, I was tasked to hang out with and observe SFX designer Ditoy Aguila and fellow engineer Willan Caimol,” recalls longtime JesCom sound engineer Toto Sorioso of his first foray into the creative industry.

“I remember watching a young scholastic, then Brother Nono, recording the first few episodes of Pasakalye. Eventually, I ended up recording and mixing the episodes. It was in Pasakalye where I learned a lot on how to clean up and edit vocal recordings.”

In many ways, Toto’s steady growth as an artist paralleled Pasakalye’s continued progress. From the good old days of burning CD’s of the show and personally delivering them to Radyo Veritas, he has since won the Grand Prize at the 2010 Filscap Songwriting Competition for his composition ‘Wag Mong Isipin’.

Through his many years of service, Toto has witnessed up close the secret behind Pasakalye’s lasting impact in the lives of its audiences, and also that of his own.

“I believe it is still the message and the music that makes the program endearing to the listeners. Listening to Pasakalye is like praying and reflecting for 30 minutes.”

“Pasakalye always reminds me of what we believe in as Catholics. It has been my supplemental Homily for the week’s Gospel. Hearing the reflections has been truly a privilege for me. I am constantly reminded by and learn about the Word,” he continues.

Looking back at all the life-changing moments Pasakalye has brought upon him, Toto only wishes that listeners of JesCom’s comforting presence on the airwaves, would also experience the great blessing of finding the right path the Lord intends for them.

“Thank you for always tuning in. It’s beautiful to see how our community of faith has grown over the years. We’ve truly seen and experienced God’s hand and grace,” he affirmed.

“May we continue to pray together especially during these times when hope, faith, and love are much needed.” 

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