CPA Timor Leste grateful for JesCom-led training

Fresh from last month’s Manila visit, the staff of Casa de Audiovisual (CPA) Timor-Leste continues to savor their experience during the August 12-16 training workshop, spearheaded by the Jesuit Communications Foundation (JesCom).

“The workshop helped me understand better financial procedure and management. I learned how to manage the financial status of an organization to avoid cases such as fraud, corruption, and others,” lauded CPA Finance Officer and Treasurer, Melânia Amaral.

“I hope to apply what I have learned. Thank you JesCom Philippines and thank you Manila,” she compliments of her Quickbooks and Financial Management tutorial with JesCom Finance and Administrative Manager, MS. Jennifer Chua.

Though he had already been working as CPA’s Producer for over a decade now, Egas Bento credits the valuable insights of JesCom Creative Director, Ms.Pauline Mangilog-Saltarin and Production Manager Ernestine Tamana, for introducing the finer points of documentary script-writing and Adobe Premier software operations, respectively.

“The one-week training in Manila enriched me a lot. It is like what I have practiced in ten years was taught to me in a week. The new ideas about writing the script that I learned in Manila will increase my capacity to work as a producer in CPA.”

“My training in Manila enlarged the understanding that I am also responsible for all the footages taken during the pre-production and production process. I thought my job was finished after I submit the script to the editors, but my training in Manila made me realize that I am responsible for the style and all the effects a video in the post-production process,” he realizes.

Ade Daos, CPA Animator and Editor, shared his fellow East Timorese’s sincere gratitude for the synergistic initiative headed by Fr.Emmanuel Alfonso SJ, via JesCom’s role as Secretariat for Social Communications of the Jesuit Conference on Asia-Pacific (JCAP).

“I am extremely grateful to JesCom Philippines for giving us this opportunity. Besides all the practical lessons that we learned during the training, this was also a lifetime experience that we will never forget.”

“The experience in Manila makes me understand life a lot better. It was my first time in the Philippines and it was simply amazing for me. We hope we can do this more often in the future. And, the next time, we hope we could also do this in Timor Leste,” he recommends.