Lara Maigue’s Golden Evening with JMM

As the daughter of distinguished Filipino composer, Rayben Maigue, and soprano Nanette Moscardon, the life of fast-rising singing sensation Lara Maigue has always swayed to the rhythm of the music.  

Though the charming young soprano and UP College of Music alumna’s impressive musical expertise ranges from OPM pop to traditional Filipino opera, Jesuit Music Ministry’s (JMM) soulful liturgical hymns, championed by the Fr. Eduardo Hontiveros SJ, still hold a special place in her heart.

“I’m deeply honored to be part of this event. I can say that I practically grew up with this music since I’ve been with my Church choir. As a singer-songwriter myself, I’m honored to personally meet the Jesuit composers behind the music of my childhood.”

As the 2018 Aliw Awardee for “Best Female Crossover Performer” paused for a quick breather after a round of rehearsals for the milestone concert “Ginintuan: Celebrating 50 years of Jesuit Music”, Lara was all praises for the welcoming and gracious demeanor present in JMM.

“I kind of feel like ‘family’ already at JesCom. Whenever I do record there, I just feel so comfortable and at home with the environment. This all the more makes me feel honored to be part of this historic celebration.”

“I remember my first encounter with JMM, I was already so inspired by the people behind their team. Everyone was so efficient and effective in their work. I’m really happy to share friendships and be very close to the people of JMM, even in other projects” continued the classically-trained recording artist, who recently collaborated with Toto Sorioso on his “Acoustic Prayers” album. 

Hitting another high note in her career, with her original song “Tulog Na” being featured as the sub-theme of hit ABS-CBN teleserye “Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit”“Ginintuan” provided a golden opportunity and rare check off Lara’s bucket list.

“As a devout Catholic, one of my lifelong dreams has always been to be able to sing for the Pope. It was such a great experience sharing a duet with Cardinal Tagle on ‘Hesus na Aking Kapatid’. I started singing sacred music and it just feels so different from work. It’s a matter of thanksgiving, giving back and praising the Lord.”

With her strong belief in the talented and hard-working core that makes up the foundation of JMM, Lara confidently feels both optimistic and excited for its future.

“JMM’s music will continue to outlive generations and go on forever. Their kind of music is one that is everlasting. With such a great organization behind their songs, I know they can make a lot more great things and offer so much more beautiful music to the world.”

Looking lovely in her stunning evening dress paired with her unflappable faith, Lara took one final moment to share her appreciation for JMM’s golden moment.“How special it is for me and for everyone to be a witness to this concert. We are all so lucky and blessed to be part of history. Let’s enjoy every second of it. I, along with all the other artists tonight share the vision- to offer every performance and to do this for God’s greater glory.”