Ginintuan Album: A True Piece of Gold

From the success of Jesuit Music Ministry’s (JMM) milestone concert, “Ginintuan”:  Celebrating 50 Years of Jesuit Music”, now comes a truly golden memorabilia to treasure forever.

Now available on digital music platforms Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube as well as CD, is a soulful compilation of the landmark celebration’s captivating songs, where fans can savor and reminisce the dazzling evening of “Ginintuan”.

“We would like to reach out to those who were able to watch and would like to relive the moments from the concert, and let those who were not able to watch listen to the songs that were featured,” says JMM Director Lester Mendiola of the album released last July 26.

“We would like them to have a personal, heartfelt memorabilia of the concert, something they can listen to anytime,” he continues.

  With JMM’s best and brightest artists gathered in one monumental compilation, promising the same creativity and passion inspired by the late Fr. Eduardo Hontiveros SJ, Ginintuan is sure to enliven the hearts of its listeners.

“The content of the CD is from our various artists, Liturgical songs, religious, acoustic, Charismatic, inspirational pop—but every song aims to bring the listener to inspiration,” describes Mendiola.

As JMM celebrates the triumphant half-century of Jesuit musical tradition, Mendiola also credits this enduring legacy to the belief and devotion of their faithful followers. 

“Thank you, our dear friends and supporters of the Jesuit Music Ministry! We are overwhelmed by your support to our ministry through the concert “Ginintuan”. We hope you can listen to the songs in the album through the album available at Tanging Yaman. Together, let us sing to the Lord, forever!”

The compilation of songs from “Ginintuan: Celebrating 50 years of Jesuit Music”, is available for streaming on Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, and Spotify!

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