Mabuhay, Lolo Kiko! | Pagsulyap sa pagbisita ng Santo Papa sa Pilipinas

I’m here. A little bit late, but I’m here.

As the third largest Catholic country in the world, with a flock over 75-million strong, the Philippines has long been considered as a beacon of the Faith not only in Asia but also overseas, thanks to Filipino migrants who continue to observe the rites and traditions of the Church wherever they may be.

In the last 45 years, the country has had the privilege of being visited four times by three Popes of this generation – Blessed Paul VI in 1970, St. John Paul II in 1981 and 1995, and most recently, Pope Francis in 2015. With each visit, the Filipino people drew courage and inspiration to endure and overcome what seem to be the interminable problems of poverty, corruption, crime and human rights issues that have plagued the nation to no end.

Against a bleak backdrop of loss, skepticism and near-despair, the Filipino faithful drew joy and optimism over the pastoral visit of Pope Francis, which stirred nationwide excitement and enthusiasm as millions of people drawing strength once more from a Vicar of Christ – especially one who has shown unparalleled global popularity for being remarkably responsive to the call of times.

This documentary captures and retells some of the most significant — and poignant moments – during Pope Francis’ pastoral visit to the Philippines, as seen through the eyes of the people who have patiently waited, lovingly prepared and wholeheartedly participated in the events that unfolded in those four days. It encapsulates how the theme of “mercy and compassion” was embodied and lived out by the Filipino faithful, especially in resonance with our own time-held values of malasakit, bayanihan,  and damayan.

In its unfolding, the documentary centers on the emerging image of Pope Francis as an “alter Christus” who lovingly personifies the Good Shepherd – one whose voice is recognized not only by the sheep of his flock, but also by those from other flocks and even those who have strayed away. More and more, his humble and reconciliatory attitude has drawn innumerable admirers, not only from among Catholics but also from sectors that have previously been in conflict with church teachings. In a world torn and frayed by conflict and isolation, his presence has produced a healing effect on many adversarial issues and relationships within and outside the Church, living out the Gospel messages of love, hope and reconciliation, showing that he is “in Christ, for Christ and with Christ, at the service of humankind.”

Mabuhay, Lolo Kiko! Pagsulyap sa pagbisita ng Santo Papa sa Pilipinas is brought to you by the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Social Communications through the production of Jesuit Communications.

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