#BagongBuhay: Mga Kwento ng Pagbabalik-loob

ANATOMY OF A NEW LIFE Peter the Rock. Paul, the Great Apostle to the Gentiles. Augustine of Hippo. Ignatius of Loyola. Writer Graham Greene. UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. These are a few of the great converts of the Catholic Church. But conversion is taking place all the time, involving simpler people, happening in simple ways. From sinful, sometimes even criminal, lives, people suddenly or gradually turn around for the better. What explains these miraculous changes in these people’s lives? JOIN US as Jesuit Communications explores this question in its Lenten show BAGONG BUHAY. Watch and be moved as we follow the lives of real individuals who have gone to hell and back, who have experienced damnation and then redemption.

SYNOPSIS The experience of conversion does not occur in an instant. It is a process – a journey from wrongdoings to acts of goodness, from doubt to faith, from darkness to light. In this documentary, we will witness the journeys of individuals who seem to be drowning in their own darkness. Alcoholic. Womanizer, Wife beater. These words used to describe Monti Medigoria, a charming man whose rage turned him into a whole different person at the slightest provocation. But when his family could take no more and decides to leave him, his life is engulfed in total darkness. Will his search for God give him the redemption he seeks? Meanwhile, Glen Angeles blamed his father, a well-respected politician in the 80s, for his hatred of women and his reckless behavior. From a happy-go-lucky child, he grew up to be one of the most notorious gang members in his neighborhood. An incident that almost kills him forces Glen to take a step back and review his life. Will Glen be able to turn his life of petty crimes and substance abuse around? As these individuals turn their backs on different demons – vices, violence, abusive acts towards oneself and towards others – we come to realize that conversion is not just change, but also restoration, and that renewed life can only be built upon the pillars of faith.

The Lenten Special airs on Maundy Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 3:00 pm on ABS CBN Channel 2.